CeBit2017 Sydney & CommunicAsia2017 Singapore

The pace of technological innovation is changing the face of business faster than ever before. We had a chance to join in two largest exhibition in the world are CeBit2017 Sydney and CommunicAsia2017 Singapore.

EXE Team building 2017

Who is the maddest of them all? They say only in games we see the true faces of people. We are so blessed that our fellows didn't show their true faces to the clients, ever. Now, behold and witness the two wild teams in the latest series of EXE Team Building program 2017!

Meetup with the talented fellows from Sentio

Meetup with the talented fellows from Sentio team! It was completely awesome to know more about their story, product development and future plans. A great learning & sharing opportunity for all EXE's members. For those who yet to know about this amazing team & product, check out: