There is a fact that a number of entrepreneurs are now planning to move their businesses to digital but going solo and not asking for advice from industry professionals. Most entrepreneurs admitted that they did it by getting information from the Internet and through digital bootcamps. Of course, Google and courses can help you understand how to assess and leverage new technologies, and how to get the highest ROI (return on investment). But the transformation journey would be complex and not possible without the help of a consulting firm. 

A digital transformation consulting firm will assess pros and cons, determine the strategies that match your business situation and goals, provide you with the right expertise and resources and more. In this article, we point out the importance of having a digital transformation consultant, and how your business can benefit from digital transformation consulting services. 

What is digital transformation consulting?

Digital transformation consulting is an approach where the company digital’s needs are analyzed and the best technologies are chosen to help it deliver products and services to the market more quickly and efficiently, at lower risk. The digital transformation consultants or firms do more than just evaluating and implementing the technology. They help reshape the business model to keep up with changing customer demands and gain competitive advantage over rivals. 

Digital transformation consulting service is best suited for companies that have limited knowledge and understanding of technology innovation for specific industries and entrepreneurs who seek advice from professionals when making business decisions. The final destination of the digital transformation journey is to deliver value to customers.  

Reasons why you should invest in digital transformation consulting services for business

Here are six ways digital transformation consulting benefits your business. 

1. Improve resource management

A digital transformation firm can identify and appraise the resources and capabilities of your company. With their services, you can prioritize the right company initiatives, streamline the process and quickly transform with a lower risk of failure. By understanding the industry and the needs of the client company, consultants carefully select solutions that enhance the effectiveness of your business. 

2. Improve talent management

More than technology, digital transformation requires people with digital skills. If you have the right team with strong leaders, you can increase your chance of a successful digital transformation. 

A consulting company helps your business find and hire high-quality candidates for your digital transformation needs. They can help you identify your digital workforce competency, guide you through the process of managing candidate lifecycles and help employees adapt to new technology. This way, you can enhance your organizational culture and promote the professional development of your employees. 

3. Improve customer management

The goal of digital transformation is to help businesses provide the unique experience to their customers. A consulting firm will conduct an efficient analysis to find and understand your target audience, and then develop a digital strategy that meets their expectations. This approach is useful to better understand your customers and align your products and services to deliver great value. 

4. Improve agility with automation

A digital transformation consulting firm enables your company the ability to analyze your current organizational infrastructure, identify digital implementation gap and align technology to business goals. Consulting helps you integrate automation tools into your business process to strengthen agility and improve efficiency.  

5. Improve change management 

In the digital age, every business needs to change and adapt to meet new challenges. Changes can happen at many levels such as operational changes, service changes and strategic changes. With consulting services, you can better manage changes made to your organization and engage stakeholders in your change initiative. 

6. Achieve long-term results

In-house adoption and implementation of digital tools may bring one-time benefits. With the help of a digital transformation consulting firm, however, you can access a better solution that provides long-term benefits.

The roadmap for digital transformation

Digital transformation is a multi-step process. It starts with understanding your industry and the market you are serving, and determining a solution that helps your business achieve its goals. A digital transformation consulting benefits your business both ways, in addition to providing maintenance and support services. 

On a step-by-step level, this is how the roadmap of a digital transformation process operates:

Step 1: Begin

In the beginning of your digital transformation project, define a project manager and members. Make sure all members in the organization are informed about the project. Decide on your method of tracking and reporting the project progress. You need to have knowledge of four management areas, like risk management, change management, knowledge management and project management. 

Step 2: Analysis

In this stage, the analysis of the current state can be conducted in three steps. (1) Analyzing the external factors that affect your business. (2) Identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses. (3) Evaluating your business model. 

Step 3: Development

This is the stage where the strategy development process starts. Here you analyze your customers and the market, and by learning success factors from your pioneers and observing your competitors, note down your ideas. Understand the driving forces for digital transformation and decide which is suitable for your business. Create your business strategy and model. 

Step 4: Implementation 

Plan, organize and prioritize activities. Implement, execute and review results.

How to choose the best digital transformation consulting company?

Finding the best digital transformation consulting firm can have a profound impact on your business. A wrong decision will likely lead to failure. 

Below are some steps to take when choosing a digital transformation consultancy firm.

Define your goals. Spend time identifying your business requirements and goals by answering some questions, like: What challenges is your business facing? How are you going to solve that problem? And, what is your plan? 

Make a list of preferred companies. Do research and decide on several consulting firms which you think you can benefit from. Selection should be based on a number of factors, including client reviews, team size, expertise, work portfolio and budget planning. 

Contact and make decisions. From the list above, contact and ask the consulting firms about their suggestions and pricing plans. Compare and then choose one that provides the best fit to your business. 

Why partner with EXE Corp for your digital consulting needs?

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