In Jan 09, 2012 EXE company & Goldsun Focus Media (GFM) have signed cooperation agreement for Mobile Solutions. According to the agreement, Goldsun Focus Media chooses EXE as the strategy partner which provides many kinds of mobile services. These services include:

  • Design Mobile Sites
  • Design banner, pop up and animation for Mobile Sites
  • Develop Mobile Applications

EXE mobile development team obeys strictly Vietnamese and international standards for mobile devices such as W3C, IAB, MMA. The cooperation between EXE and Goldsun Focus Media demonstrates the professionalism of the EXE company in the field of researching and developing applications based on web & mobile.

– About Goldsun Focus Media (

  • Goldsun Focus Media is established as the cooperation between Goldsun and Focus Media Holdings
  • A member of Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)
  • A member of World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA)