Finding the right IT talent is a difficult task for businesses, especially in the highly competitive world where the success of companies lies in technology. So, how to find talent on a budget? Many companies have the right option of choosing IT staffing firms to help them fulfill the staff requirements quickly. By doing so, they can focus on their core competencies, saving them time to work on more important tasks and grow their strengths. So, if the IT services are not core to your business, or you want additional resources to supplement your in-house team, then a staffing agency is the best option. Let’s explore IT Staffing Outsourcing Services for Businesses in this blog.

Vietnam is a Great Place to Outsource IT Staff 

Up to now, the number of Vietnamese IT engineers stands at 430,000 (based on TopDev’s 2021 IT market report). According to data from this report, more than 55,000 IT students graduate each year. Most graduate students are from leading universities such as Hanoi National University of Education, Hanoi University of Industry, FPT University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, and many vocational education and training institutions in the Information and Technology sector such as Aptech, NIIT, etc. 

In addition, Vietnam has a stable socio-political environment. The government is actively supporting high-tech industries by issuing a number of policies to encourage technological innovation, and signing numerous FTAs, which offers favorable conditions for foreign investors. 

Young and highly skilled workforce is an important factor that makes foreign companies outsource IT staff to Vietnam. But there are many difficulties when choosing an IT staff provider in Vietnam, especially if you just outsource to this country for the first time. 

Understanding this disadvantage, EXE Corp introduced to you high-quality IT staff outsourcing services for businesses – in Vietnam. 

Why to Use IT Staff Outsourcing Services for Businesses?

Human resources in the fields of IT and software development have specificity. It requires a high level of expertise, a long-training period and high training costs. Because of this, hiring external staff to work in-house or support temporary projects can never be easy for most businesses. Therefore, they often choose a professional IT Staffing company like EXE Corp to help them search, interview and hire necessary resources as needed. 

We help our clients scale up and build a team of highly skilled developers, in the shortest time. By using our services, you can eliminate many stages of the hiring process, save time to focus on other important tasks, and minimize the hidden training costs. Moreover, the IT staff outsourcing services for businesses provided by EXE Corp ensures that you have top tech talent, both in quality and quantity. 

When a business wants to outsource staff to another country, they are often afraid of culture and language differences. But partnering with the right staff solution provider will allow them to get access to a talent pool with diverse expertise, fluent English communication, quick adaptability and other characteristics such as hard-working, honesty, loyalty, dedication and a high level of concentration.

IT human resources are a headache of businesses today. Outsourcing staff is the best solution, which helps to find professional personnel while reducing costs without sacrificing productivity. Many large corporations such as KMS technology, Liberty and UAC have chosen the right direction by outsourcing IT staff from EXE Corp. In this way, they have filled vacancies with critical profiles and improve the quality, productivity, and efficiency of their projects. Therefore, if your company has temporary positions or roles that are hard to fill, or if IT is not core of your business, you should consider working with a staff company. 

Established in 2009, EXE Corp operates in the fields of IT staffing, digital transformation consulting and software development. We have a wide knowledge of relevant technical skill sets, strong networking skills and vast experience in the IT staffing industry. When you need to fill vacancies in your company, we are able to do it in the shortest time and with high quality. 

IT Staff Outsourcing Services Provided by EXE Software Company

As digital technology grows rapidly in almost all industries, the demand for IT professionals is higher than ever. Outsourcing is the preeminent solution to alleviate staffing shortages. 

EXE Corp is ready to help you succeed in finding the right tech talent. We aim to match qualified candidates with all levels of positions that your company needs to fill. Here are some characteristics of our IT staff outsourcing services for businesses. 

  • Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in the IT staff industry. We commit to supply the best quality and right quantity of personnel to our clients.
  • In the shortest time, we can help you build a team of professional and highly skilled developers, streamlining the hiring and training process while ensuring the quality and progress of your work. 
  • We assure that the outsourced staff provided by our company can meet your requirements as you need. 
  • We have a clear and transparent hiring process. Candidates are carefully selected from reliable partners, suppliers, universities, colleges and training institutes.
  • We have a rigorous hiring process to ensure that only the best candidates are hired. 
  • We offer many candidate options for each position and our clients have the freedom to choose which candidate best suits their needs.  
  • We provide a wide range of flexible IT staffing solutions, including full-time, part-time, temporary, long-term, short-term contract – across multiple positions from entry developers to seniors, leaders and managers. 
  • We provide thoughtful customer support.

EXE Corp is one of the leading IT staffing companies in Vietnam that can satisfy every requirement for IT professionals in both local and international markets. 

IT Staffing Outsourcing Services for Businesses

Skill sets that our clients often seek.

BACK-END: Node JS, Java, .Net, PHP, Python and Golang

FRONT-END: Vue JS, AngularJS, React JS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

TESTING: Pentest, A/B Test, Performance Test, Functional Test Cluster, Telematics, Automation Test

MOBILE DEV: iOS, Android, React Native

CMS/WEB: WordPress, Drupal

DEVOPS: Cloud service, AWS, GCP, Azure, Apache, Nginx, Docker, Terraform, Bamboo

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