Do you remember the last time you celebrated mid-autumn festival? Was you raising the laterns with the children around the neighborhood? Was you enjoying the moon with mooncake and pleasant tea? Was you having family reunion time?

This year, we decided to take another sight of mid-autumn: to celebrate the party with the poor children at Cau Ong Lanh area – a busy hustling corner of Saigon. Like in any other area, many of the children are poor, lack of opportunities for education and fine living-standard, but just like any children, they enjoy the awesome festival as much.

So, laterns! Moon cakes! With singing and dancing and playing together! And hearing stories too! We had so much fun together and once again we had never felt childhood so close, so around and familiar.

If you have a chance, lend a hand and take another sight of the festival, you will surely receive much more than you ever expect!

– Mid autumn 2016 –