Testing and quality assurance can make the difference between a product that is loved by users or one that is abandoned forever. And when it comes to software development, software testing and quality assurance are one of the most critical stages to ensure that the product is delivered with the highest possible quality. This step has a significant effect on the product rating, brand reputation, customer retention, and ultimately ROI. 

Today, the demand for software solutions and services has increased a lot. Due to which the demand for testing and quality assurance have also increased. As a result, many software companies are looking into strategic outsourcing options to fulfill their software testing needs. This raises the question of whether outsourcing testing and quality assurance to a third-party can offer enough benefits to outweigh the current methods done in-house. Continue reading to understand about testing and software quality assurance in software engineering, and how to use them effectively to deliver better products?

What is software quality assurance?

Software quality assurance in software engineering is defined as the ongoing effort to ensure that software products can meet or exceed the expected quality standards. Software quality assurance varies between teams, companies and industries. But the main goal is to prevent defects during development and create a high-quality product that is easy to use, secure and valuable to both users and businesses.

Over the years, software quality assurance has evolved. Previously, QA teams worked independently from the software development lifecycle, before the code was delivered or after the development was complete. However today, they have moved deeper into the development process, which means running in parallel with development. In fact, QA teams must take care of quality right from the beginning and collaborate with developers to achieve both quality and value at speed. 

Lastly, quality assurance is important in software development processes. It can help reduce the risk of software failure, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency and productivity. 

Software quality assurance vs quality control

Quality assurance and quality control are both essential components of software development. However, they differ in their objectives, methods, and focus.

Quality assurance focuses on ensuring the quality of the software development process. Its main objective is to make sure that the software meets the requirements and standards, and the development process is followed correctly. Quality assurance involves setting up processes, methods, and procedures to guarantee that the software fulfills the needed and desired quality standards. This is a proactive process that aims to prevent defects from occurring. 

On the other hand, quality control focuses on verifying the quality of the software product. Its main goal is to find and correct defects in the software product before it is released to the customers. Quality control entails techniques such as testing, reviews, and inspections to ensure that the software product fulfills quality requirements. This is a reactive process that aims to identify and remove defects from the software.

Software quality assurance vs testing 

As mentioned above, software quality assurance in software engineering is a process that aims to prevent defects. It entails tasks like requirements analysis, design reviews, code reviews, and process improvement. 

Testing, on the other hand, is a process to assess or verify the quality of the software. It involves finding errors, verifying and checking whether the developed product is bug-free and meets expected requirements. It can be said that testing is concerned with the product, whereas quality control is concerned with the process.

Pros and cons of software quality assurance in software engineering

In software development, early error detection and correction is the key to preventing costly failures and delivering an increased value and user experience. Furthermore, it provides a higher level of assurance that the overall performance and value of the software product are correct. 

There are many advantages but also many disadvantages of software quality assurance. Let’s explore here:

Pros of software quality assurance in software engineering

  • Improved software quality. Quality assurance ensures that the software development process is followed properly and that the software meets quality standards. This results in a higher-quality product that meets customer expectations.
  • Increased efficiency. Software quality assurance ensures that the product is efficient. By setting up standards, procedures, and processes, this step helps to eliminate inefficiencies in the development process and, consequently, to produce software faster and cheaper. In fact, modern quality assurance techniques enable faster testing processes and reduce labor demands.
  • Better risk management. Quality assurance helps to identify and manage risks early in the software development process. This, as a result, can reduce the chance of project delays, cost overruns and customer satisfaction.  
  • Improved communication and enhanced customer trust and credibility. Software quality assurance establishes strong communication between team members and stakeholders, which can lead to a better understanding of the project objectives and requirements. Moreover, by delivering high-quality software products, companies can build trust and credibility to their customers. 

Cons of software quality 

  • High investment in time and money. Testing products thoroughly takes time, money and careful planning, especially in the beginning of the process when the business sets up standards, procedures, and processes. As the business grows, the cost of developing, testing, and releasing high-quality products may increase. 
  • Resource intensive. It is impossible to deliver high-quality software if you don’t have an experienced software quality assurance team. The cost of hiring a quality assurance engineer is high, although the quality justifies the cost. Moreover, tools for software quality assurance are rarely free for use. Organizations have to invest in these assets and learn how to use them effectively to maximize ROI and avoid challenges.
  • Organizational commitment. Software quality assurance in software development is not just a step. It is a process that requires commitment to high quality and efficiency. That means every member on the team must cooperate and work toward the ultimate quality goals of the company.

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