Air Timor

​EXE had the privilege of working with Air Timor, the only operating Airline company in Timor-Leste, when they were undertaking the process of refreshing and progressing due to the growing demand for scheduled air service. The request included website, mobile site and app development with attractive design and user-friendly interface that supports flight booking, online-check-in, loyalty program and multiple languages.

The ­Challenge:

In mid-2015, Air Timor was not only looking for a partner with high competence, well versed in the latest technologies, but one that can also capture brand insights and shape fitting designs. Being trusted with the critical mission, we spent a lot of time studying and assimilating into Timor-Leste’s culture, the firm, its business visions and core values to extract the very essence. We decided on flat design, high-contrast colors, clean layout, intuitive navigation consistent with modern web design trends and background images bringing out The culture of Air Timor.