InteliSys Aviation System

InteliSys Aviation is an airline systems provider, specializing in providing IT solutions to airlines of all sizes with their main product: AmeliaRES, a passenger Reservations and Cargo management software. Their clients are: Vietjet Air, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Flair Air, Central Mountain Air, Bishwo Airways, Air Expresso, Global Air Jets…

Since 2013, InteliSys has become a strategic partner of EXE in many large and small-scale projects. We have been cooperating together to take on the challenge of improving the way aviation businesses run.

Our major collaborations:

A triumphant outcome: a mobile web site designed to match every web-enable phone that definitely appeals to the sense of innovation. With a little of further customization, any airlines can enjoy their brand new mobile site with every needed features in a short time.

A flexible online booking reservation system for any business that needs to schedule and manage their bookings. The software is proved to save time, grow business and boost the clients’ competitive edge in the aviation industry.

A supporting database-independent connectivity feature enables better management of agencies and users.