VietJet Air

The success story of Vietjet Air

A dynamic innovative airline that quickly won the hearts of millions of passengers and became one of the most prestigious aviation brand in the region, Vietjet Air is well-known for its active approach in technology. EXE were entrusted to their projects and honored to have been a constant companion in their development since the beginning.


Vietjet Air Kiosk: Self-service check-in is chosen by many passengers today. Even though other choices are available: mobile phone, web… Kiosk plays an important role as a channel of self-service check-in. It is now not only just about printing boarding pass, but also the whole process of getting passengers completely in control of their own journey.

Vietjet Air Boarding App: Being one of the IT evolution in aviation, the bar-coded system enables passengers to be more in control of their journey and aircrews to manage onboard data. We had successfully implemented the technology and produced convincing outcomes: passengers saved more time and money while Vietjet Air witnessed enhanced productivity and efficiency of their process and service.

Vietjet Air Mobile App Development: The mobile solution includes 5 main features: flight booking, mobile check-in, flight status display, member registration and push notification. Available for both iOS and Android, the app maintains Vietjet Air branding while fully integrates with the airline management system in the back-end.