With the growing demand of technology, companies around the world are struggling to find the right IT talent to support their business operations as well as to complete their dream projects. Let’s talk about how they can handle this problem with IT staffing companies. Before we begin, you should understand what IT staffing companies do. These companies assist businesses in finding candidates ranging from qualified experts up to high level managers and even seasonal temporary workers. This blog will help you decide the best IT staffing companies in Vietnam in 2023

If you are looking for top-notch talent with specific skills and expertise, think of hiring a staffing company. This option provides a new and effective way to cut down on business costs, save time and find the deserving candidates. 

According to many statistics, one of the leading countries in terms of IT staffing industry in Asia is Vietnam, with IT outsourcing revenue of US$468.90m in 2022. 

It is because Vietnam offers IT services with cost-effective prices. Vietnam’s IT staffing cost is 90 percent cheaper than the US’s and 50 percent cheaper than India’s. Compared to other Asian countries, Vietnamese workers are equipped with good English language skills. Vietnamese IT engineers are also known for their good technical skills and experience. Moreover, many foreign companies appreciate many characteristics of Vietnamese IT candidates such as integrity, work productivity, creativity, hard-working and principle. 

IT staffing companies in Vietnam help employers find ideal candidates for various roles and jobs much faster than as usual. Generally, they will have a deep understanding of the client’s industry as well as their technology requirements. 

Using IT staffing services can save you a lot of time, money and efforts in finding candidates, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. In addition to matching qualified candidates with your company, they will assist you with member onboarding, payroll taxes and workers’ compensation. 

Do you know that the total number of IT professionals in Vietnam currently stands at 430,000?

Because of the dynamic and talented IT labor force, Vietnam is without a doubt a promising destination for outsourcing IT staff. The TopDev report estimates that there are currently 430,000 IT engineers in Vietnam and more than 50.000 students graduated from 153 IT institutions across the country each year. 

Vietnam also has a lot of IT staffing companies, but choosing one is not an easy task. To determine the best IT staffing companies in Vietnam in 2023, the checklist below can be useful.

  • Reach out to an IT staffing company that specializes in your industry. Ensure that it is the first point of contact between your organization and your potential employees.  
  • Ensure that both parties share the same values. 
  • When looking for a suitable IT staffing company, check their responsibility. Ask if they are responsible for hiring the right people. This can help protect your company from the negative effects of bad hires. 
  • Search for companies that have positive reviews from customers and the media. Compare them to other competitors. 
  • Choose a staffing company that offers 24/7 support. It will be very useful in the case of last- minute cancellations on your part.
  • To know how the IT staffing provider treats its team and how their company culture is, ask them for the results of its most recent employee opinion and satisfaction surveys. 

We reviewed a number of IT staffing companies and chose these best IT staffing companies in Vietnam based on reputation and reliability, core specialization, expertise industry, candidate pool, hiring and onboard process, etc. Whether you are seeking entry level software developers to CTO positions, these top IT staffing companies can help you meet your recruitment needs. Now let’s dive deeper and find out Vietnam’s top IT staffing companies. 

The Best IT Staffing Companies in Vietnam in 2023

1. EXE Corporation

EXE Corp is an IT service provider based in Vietnam that specializes in providing individual developers as well as a team of developers, according to client’s needs. Furthermore, the company provides software development and digital transformation consulting services to SMEs in both domestic and international markets. 

Established in 2009, thanks to EXE Corporation, more than 200 companies from many parts of the world (such as Canada, US, Australia and more) have contributed to the hiring of technologies below:

  • BACK-END: Node JS, Java, .Net, PHP, Python and Golang
  • FRONT-END: Vue JS, AngularJS, React JS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • TESTING: Pentest, A/B Test, Performance Test, Functional Test Cluster, Telematics, Automation Test
  • MOBILE DEV: iOS, Android, React Native
  • CMS/WEB: WordPress, Drupal
  • DEVOPS: Cloud service, AWS, GCP, Azure, Apache, Nginx, Docker, Terraform, Bamboo

EXE Corporation has offices in Vietnam and Australia. Client companies throughout the world consider EXE Corp as the best IT staffing companies in Vietnam in 2023 because of many reasons such as: a large talent pool with proper technical skills and English level proficiency; specialization in eCommerce, insurance, education and more, clear transparency and open communication, quick hiring and on-board process, etc. 

Contact Info

122 B2 Street, An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City 

+84 28 6678 3940 

[email protected]

2. Navigos Search

Navigos Search has been in operation since 2003 to become a professional recruitment company in Vietnam. The company specializes in providing recruiting services to companies in many industries including banking, manufacturing, apparel and information technology. 

In the field of information and technology, Navigos Search said that they are planning to recruit hundreds or thousands of IT/software engineers this year. The company regularly holds monthly seminars to enhance its brand and business value as well as to build consumer confidence. These seminars provide attendees with valuable and necessary information about human resources. 

Contact Info

E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 13, District 4, HCM 

1800 585826

[email protected]

3. JT1 Tech Recruitment Agency

Among the best IT staffing companies in Vietnam in 2023, we cannot un-mention to JT1. The company was established in 2016 and worked mainly in hiring IT specialists and software engineers, as well as offshoring projects locally and regionally. 

JT1 has a wealth of experience in searching and recruiting talent such as CTOs, technical leaders, project managers, software developers and other positions. Major technologies hired include:

  • FRONTEND: Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS
  • BACKEND: Java, PHP, .NET, C#, C++, NodeJS, Python, Ruby
  • DEVOPS/SYSTEM ADMIN: Cloud Systems/DevOps Engineers, System Admins
  • DESIGNER:  Graphic Designers, UI/UX Designers
  • TESTER/QA/QC: Automation QA/AC, Manual QA/QC, Software Testers

JT1 has clients throughout Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. 

Contact Info

5A/2 Tran Phu, Dist.5, HCMC

+84 28 6675 6685

[email protected]

4. 9cv9 Tech Recruitment Firm

9cv9 is a Vietnam-based company that provides tech talents for clients in local and international markets. The company also has a branch in Singapore. They have helped more than 100 companies to hire candidates with technical skills such as Ruby, Vue, React, Golang, Java and PHP. Some positions they recruit are AI, AR/VR experts, IT engineers, and software developers. 

One feature of this company, which is typical, is that they provide internship and externship opportunities for students, new graduates and young job seekers. 

Contact Info

833 Le Hong Phong Street, 12 Ward, District 10, HCM City

+84 37 699 4046

[email protected]

Final thought

The above is a list of the best IT staffing companies in Vietnam in 2023 that you can select from. Most importantly and keep in mind, you must consider some factors to make the best choice. For example: your needs and objectives, your expectations, time and budget requirements. Contact us right now to receive a consultant!