Currently, IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam are constantly developing and asserting their positions in the international and regional markets. Below is a list of the four best and most trustworthy IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam ranked based on experience, seniority, service quality, and other factors. Let’s read to find out more! 

EXE Corporation – Your first choice of IT service provider

Established in Vietnam in 2009, EXE Corp has become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of IT outsourcing. The company provides Software Development Services (web design, mobile app development and system building), IT Solutions (eCommerce, HealthCare and Edu Tech) and Digital Transformation Consulting Services for SMEs in many industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Fintech, Banking and Finance, Media and Entertainment, Automotive, Logistics and Transportation.

Furthermore, EXE Corp offers IT staffing solutions (individual developers on demand and dedicated teams) to companies that are looking for top-notch talent in order to create a high level of quality and productivity. 

The company has more than 200 clients from many parts of the world: Canada, US, Australia, Vietnam, and numerous other countries. Most of these are large corporations, and EXE Corp has established long-term relationships with them, which in turn leads toward greater performance. 

During the expedition, the company has won many certifications and honors, for example: the Vietnam ICT Gold Media (Product, Solution, Service Providing Foreign Enterprise), the technology award from Tuoi Tre Newspaper, etc. In 2017, EXE Corp established a branch in Australia and it now continues to go global with many new goals. 

FPT Software – Digital transformation & IT consulting company

FPT software is a member of FPT Corporation – one of the largest and most long-standing companies in Vietnam. The company was established in 1999 and up to now it has more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry. 

As a provider of software outsourcing services, FPT software offers digital solutions related to cloud computing, mobile computing, embedded systems, digital platforms and more. The company has about one thousand customers worldwide. Half of them are from international markets and half are domestic. 

FPT software mainly works in the fields of Manufacturing, Utilities & Energy, Retail, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Logistics & Transportation, Finance & Insurance, Banking and Aerospace & Aviation. Currently, the company has 58 offices across the world and received a number of international awards for their technology solutions. 

TMA Solutions – Software outsourcing company

Established and operating for more than 23 years since 1999, TMA Solutions has become one of the leading software development partners for both domestic and foreign companies. Their services and solutions are mainly focused on the fields of eCommerce, Finance, Logistics and Telecommunications.  

Just one year after the establishment, TMA Solutions had its first overseas customers from the US and Canada. Up to now, the company has expanded globally with many new branches in Australia, Europe, Japan, Canada and the US. 

At TMA Solutions, they give priority to services including Visual Design, Porting & Migration, IT Managed Services, Production Support, Software Development and Software Testing. The company entrusts the trust of customers thanks to its dynamic resources, open communication, track record and a long-term relationship. 

CMC Technology Corporation – Software development company 

The company was formerly ADCOM Centre established in 1991. During its development process, CMC operates under the model of parent company – subsidiary company consisting of 10 member companies based in Vietnam and foreign countries. 

As an outsourcing company, its core service is to provide software solutions for government, banking, finance, public sector, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication, education and cross industry. CMC has had more than 30 years of experience in the tech field and are affirming its position in the domestic and international markets.  

Factors to consider when choosing an IT outsourcing company in Vietnam

Compared to many other countries in the world, Vietnam is an emerging market which offers favorable conditions for foreign investors. (Read here to know: 10 Reasons to Choose Vietnam for Outsourcing IT)

Understanding the global IT outsourcing demands, Vietnam is building an ideal destination (young and highly-skilled workforce, high work quality at low cost, dynamic economy, government support and political stability) where foreign companies can outsource to grow and succeed. 

There are a number of IT outsourcing companies to choose from. Below are tips to get the best one that can suit all of your needs. 

  1. What services to outsource and what to keep in-house? Businesses today can choose to outsource all IT services or several specific tasks and functions. This should depend on your business needs in relation to the following: your project’s budget, time, and scope; your customers/clients; your industry; etc. 
  2. What budget to spend on outsourcing services? IT outsourcing in Vietnam can be many times cheaper than hiring any labor force from other countries. However, budgeting for outsourced IT services and sticking to it are important steps to track and control your budget as well as your business expenses. There are direct and hidden costs when outsourcing IT services such as staff training and implementation cost.
  3. Is it a good and reliable IT service provider company? Choosing an IT outsourcing company should be based on factors such as seniority, expertise, experience and skills. Keep the four top IT outsourcing companies above in mind as you begin your search. 
  4. Does the service provider understand your industry and your needs? This question contributes to the success of your project. If the provider does not understand your business and its needs, the outsourcing project is going to fail. 
  5. The price, plans and expectations of both parties. It is important to make sure that you clearly communicate these things to the IT outsourcing company. This will help to avoid misunderstanding and ensure that both parties are on the same page.


With the high demand of innovation and technology services in the digital economy, Vietnam IT outsourcing companies are a vital solution for foreign companies to choose today. Not only saving cost and time, but these IT service providers also increase one business’s efficiency, productivity and performance. Hope the information above will help you to find the best fit for your IT outsourcing needs.